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Northwest Motion provides high-performance control systems and components to manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1990, we’ve provided world-class products and services to meet the most demanding motion control applications. From precision mechanical devices to multi-axis control systems, ask us how we can optimize your machine performance.

Our Portfolio

We focus on precision motion control products for automation, with an extensive portfolio that includes specialized solutions for aerospace, food processing, lumber, metal manufacturing and semiconductors. Our new, turnkey integration support offerings include conveyors, electrical panels and software that are customized for your motion control application.

What Our Customers are Saying

We had a great concept, and we wanted to take it to the next level where we could control the machine’s production time, cost, and complexity while saving our customers as much energy as possible during mixing.

Brian Seaholm, Resodyn Senior Engineer

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Choose from our portfolio that includes thousands of products and 35,000 square feet of fabrication, machining, assembly, build and testing space for custom support.

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