Case Studies

JST goes to great lengths to advance semiconductor manufacturing with Rexroth automation

JST’s unique solution for a 138-foot-long wet bench cleaning station includes multiple gantry robots and uses a combination of linear motion and control technologies for precision, robustness and cleanliness.

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Not shaken or stirred: Rexroth helps create new options for materials mixing

Resodyn’s innovative ResonantAcoustic® Mixing (RAM) technique blends various types of materials in faster, more precise ways than attainable by traditional methods, while avoiding the purity- and safety-related drawbacks that result from impellers or blades.

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Rexroth CKK Compact Modules Help AMET Welding Solutions Raise Performance, Reduce Costs for Wind Turbine Builders

Wind tower welding systems generally operate both inside and outside of the can at different times; the welding equipment is usually suspended from a guide rail for outside welding.

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