Smart Function Kit

Smart Function Kit for Handling Quick Links

SFK4H Hardware manual
Hardware manual (english).
SFK4H Software manual
Software manual (english).
SFK4H Example Circuit Diagram
Example of electrical components to supply power/control of SFK4H.
High Speed Gantry Video Example
Video example of IndraMotion Cs Drives and the MLD controller with IndraMotion for Handling
SFK4H Easy Programming Video
Guided walkthrough of the programming features for the SFK4H software.

Smart Function Kit for Pressing Quick Links

SFK4P Technical Spec Sheet
SFK4P Fieldbus Manual
Manual for connecting to upstream PLCs via Fieldbus (english).
OPC-UA and REST-API manual (english).
SFK4P Software instructions EN
Software and programming manual (english).
SFK4P Applications Manual – Pressing&Joining
SFK4P Allen-Bradley Fieldbus Example
Example files and videos for Allen-Bradley intgration
SFK4P Programming Intro Video
Learn how the Smart Function Kit for Pressing simplifies motion programming of a press station
SFK4P Shipping Details Video
Learn how the Smart Function Kit for Pressing Arrives
SFK4P LinSelect Sizing Program Video
Learn how to size and select your Smart Function Kit for Pressing with LinSelect
SFK4P LinSelect Output Data Video
Learn how to view LinSelect output data for Smart Function Kit for Pressing
SFK4P Software Update Video
Learn how to update the pressing application software.
SFK4P Commissioning Process Video
Learn how to commission the pressing system with automated software.
SFK4P Reference Curves Video
Learn how to record reference curves for monitoring the SFK4P sensor.
SFK4P Evaluation Elements Video
Learn how to edit the evaluation elements for recording curves.
SFK4P Variables Video
Learn how to program with variables for the SFK4P.
SFK4P Service Log Video
Learn how to create service logs for the SFK4P.
SFK4P Extended Configuration Video
Learn about the extended parameters for the SFK4P.
SFK4P I/O Video
Learn how to use the I/Os for the SFK4P.
SFK4P Fieldbus Interface Activation
Learn how to activate the Fieldbus interfaces for communication with upstream PLCs.

Smart Function Kit for Dispensing Quick Links

SFK4D Press Release
Press write-up on SFK4D
SFK4D Customer Presentation
Presentation on features and benefits of the SFK4D, for customers.
SFK4D Sales Flyer
2 page sales flyer (selling features of SFK4D)
SFK4D Software Manual
SFK4D Catalog